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Our proactive partner search model begins with partner research through due diligence and deal execution

  1. Determine the sectors/markets representing the best business opportunities and lowest barriers to entry

  2. Formulate customized market entry strategy

  3. Implement partner search program

  4. Research and identify all potential partner candidates 

  5. Develop a “long list” of partner candidates

  6. Contact, discuss and screen partner candidates

  7. Analyze and filter companies to develop a “short list”

  8. Draft company profiles and submit qualified candidates

  9. Develop an action plan for each company 

  10. Initiate/facilitate discussions with potential partners

  11. Conduct negotiations with lead partner candidates

  12. Enable deal execution

We support your business with structured business development in new markets. Our approach ensures measured use of your resources and helps your business start in a leading position to become operational and profitable faster.

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